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About Law Hero

My ultimate goal is an open, transparent legal profession where information on the path to becoming a solicitor and knowledge sharing is standard and affordable to all lawyers at all stages of their career.

The process of becoming a legal practitioner in Ireland requires ongoing financial support which is simply not feasible for many young graduates. Furthermore, access to information about the profession is not widely available

As a solution, Law Hero will provide as much information as possible about law in Ireland at a very affordable price.

The people who come to this website, and the people I want to be associated with are self-starters, high achievers, intelligent, productive and efficient.

I am also extremely passionate about lawyer wellbeing. For more, see some of my work in this area.

If you want to learn more about me, check out my Linkedin.

Thank you for your interest


Lawyer Wellness

I initially became concerned with lawyer wellness when I began training as a trainee solicitor in 2015.

I have organised my work in this area around engaging the Law Society of Ireland, sport, and psychology. Please see links below.

Law Society of Ireland

I believe the best way to initiate a change in thinking in a profession is to express your views based on your experience and to understand the experiences of your colleagues. 


I am a firm believer that sport (and indeed, being generally active) can positively alter levels of concentration and longevity in a persons legal career. 


I am also an advocate of understanding human psychology in trying to best serve our clients and manage ourselves in this competitive industry.

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