FE1 Exam Contract Law Notes

  • Welcome to the FE1 Contract Law page. Here you will find the full Ebook with all chapters included by clicking on the Ebook cover below.

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  • Chapters include:

    • Forming a contract: offer/acceptance/consideration/estoppel

    • Formal requirements incl. capacity and intention to contract

    • Terms of a contract

    • Misrepresentation

    • Mistake

    • Duress and undue influence

    • Discharging a contract

    • Remedies

    • Consumer contracts

  • I updated the notes with new case law from 2021, as well as the March 2021 exam paper. This e-book is all you need to pass the exam. I do not cover every area in the syllabus as in my opinion, learning 8 topics to pass 5 questions is sufficient.

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