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FE1 Notes 2024
First Examination Part 1
The Law Society of Ireland

  • UP TO DATE: updated in January 2024 includes Autumn 2023 exam questions.

  • EXAM FOCUSED: we focus on FE1 exam papers and reports, then work backwards. Most FE1 courses and FE1 manuals do not focus on exams. They focus on mass information which is not relevant to pass the FE1 exam. 

  • RESULTS FOCUSED: our founder scored high (above 65%) in the FE1 exam across all subjects and even managed to pick up a few FE1 exam prizes (70% and above).

  • MINIMALIST: we cut out any unnecessary 'clutter' from the FE1 exam notes and get you right to the answers you need to pass the FE1 exam. 

  • EFFICIENT: every single word of every FE1 exam notes e-book written serves a purpose. These FE1 exam notes are to pass the FE1 exam. Every chapter has the relevant exam questions listed at the end.

  • AFFORDABLE (each FE1 exam subject is 50 euros each):

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  • FE1 CORRECTION: If you would like a review of your FE1 exam paper answers, please click here

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