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For Law Firms

Having trained in a top tier law firm in Ireland, I understand the expectations and demands on trainee and young solicitors.

I act as a mentor in training young solicitors and offer coping tactics, PPC and FE1 advice to pre-trainees who are struggling to get through the exams.

If you would like me to speak to your trainees or junior associates, please click on the 'let's chat' button below

Previous client references:

Arthur Cox
Eversheds Sutherland

I appreciate how real Jen is with us!

I enjoyed the interaction overall and was very grateful to be offered the opportunity. It was very interesting to hear Jennifer's experiences with regards to Fe1 technique and strategies. 


 I found going through past exam questions with Jennifer very useful. Jennifer also had very valuable tips in relation to structure and strategy for the exams.


The focus on strategy and common sense rather than just how to master the substance of the law was refreshing. I really benefitted from going through the problem question samples with her and hearing her take on how to approach each one, especially what to have in the back of your head as you are reading through them.


Thanks very much for offering this! It really helps to make FE1s more accessible and less of a lonely experience!

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