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Ebook collection 

I carefully curated anything I thought relevant to a career in corporate law i.e. from getting there to staying there.

If there's anything else you need knowledge wise, click the chat function below!

All of my guides are priced at 25 euros.

Useful for any kind of law student or anyone interested in the development of legal theory

For anyone struggling with business law and wanting an up to date compendium of the laws applying to a business operating in Ireland

Usually for Kings Inns students but also for law students taking this module at Uni

A place for every chapter of my life as a finance trainee and now lawyer. This book is still relevant for me in my everyday life advising a retail credit firm regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. 

These notes are documented from manuals, the DPC website, my own experience and practice exams. 

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This was a book I wrote during final year (2013) but was only published in 2020, when I had time to edit it. I update it every so often but is really a fabulous place to get all my top tips for law exams.

This was a book I wrote during the pandemic and culminated in a number of years in successfully advising people into law firms as interns and trainees, but also myself. 60 pages of solid life advice you need to hear. 


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